If you agree with our ideas, then joining the Socialist Party is the next logical step. Changing the world needs all those who want to get rid of the capitalist system to get active and build a new type of political party. This new party has to be one that fights for the interests of the majority of people on this planet and is not bought off by the millions of big business.

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The Socialist Party is based on ordinary working-class people who fund it through their weekly subscriptions and selling our publications and raising funds for our party’s fighting fund.

We encourage all our members, where possible, to attend weekly branches and do some campaigning with us once a week. But we understand that every member’s contribution will vary. Some members cannot always participate in these activities but find other ways to help build our party.

Party members are also entitled – as long as they are up to date with their party subscriptions – to stand as delegates for local and national bodies and conferences of the Socialist Party.

At these conferences we elect the party leaders, such as our National Committee, which meets regularly with day-to-day responsibility for building our party. But, most importantly, the conference democratically decides the policies and strategy for the year ahead.

Members pay a regular subscription to the party. How much you pay depends on your circumstances. We ask every member to pay as much as they think they can, given their individual circumstances. Such a level of sacrifice means that our party can organise national events and campaigns with full-time party workers without relying – like most parties – on donations from “fat cat” rich businessmen who will always want something in return for their money.

Big business would never consider financing a party like ours because we want to end the tyranny that big business inflicts on working-class people.

Also, we ask members to buy copies of and, if possible, sell our party publications, our monthly magazine The Socialist and our pamphlets and books. We think these publications give the best analysis, argumentation and organisation to assist working-class activists in the struggle for socialism. We ask members who can to take out a subscription for our publications.

Not Living in Australia? – No Problem!

You don’t have to be an Australian resident to join the Socialist Party.  The Socialist Party is part of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), which fights for socialism in more than 45 countries across every continent.  Contact our National Office and we will put you in touch with someone in your region.

Click here to contact the SP National Office to obtain a membership application form.