Perth mosque attacked

Perth mosque attacked

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A mosque and Islamic college in the south eastern suburbs of Perth were targeted in a religiously motivated attack in late June. A car was set on fire and a nearby wall tagged with an anti-Islamic slogan while hundreds of Muslims were inside praying.

Australia has seen an increase in cases of racial and religiously motivated attacks – both verbal and physical. The victims of these cowardly attacks are more often than not individual women or mothers with young children, often easily identified and targeted for wearing traditional Muslim head scarves.

As the economic situation has worsened in Australia there has been a tendency for politicians to scapegoat minorities, blaming them for problems created by capitalism. This has given encouragement to right-wing fringe groups and others who are intent on using violence against minorities.

As things get worse we will likely see more racially motivated attacks. It is important that working class people stand in solidarity against all acts of violence perpetrated against minorities. We will be better placed to resist the impacts of the economic crisis if we can stand united and put the blame where it should be – big business, their representatives in parliament, and the profit-driven system they defend.

By Jorden Griggs