Protesters disrupt Pride march

Protesters disrupt Pride march

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A group of radical queer and transgender protesters disrupted the annual Melbourne Midsumma (sic) Pride march in late January, angering some attendees.

Pride marches have traditionally been protests held to commemorate historic events like the Stonewall uprising, which led to some of the greatest advancements made in the struggle for LGBTI rights. Unfortunately the Melbourne event has been transformed into a state sanctioned celebration that involves a number of exploitative corporations.

The protesters were taking a stand against what they describe as ‘pinkwashing’ – where major corporations hide their oppressive practices behind pro-LGBTI phraseology.

Socialists agree that Pride should return to being a celebration of struggle. A key part of the fight is taking on those who profit at the expense of LGBTI people. At the same time we need to broaden the fight for marriage equality to include issues of bullying and discrimination, high suicide rates and access to affordable healthcare and housing.

Only a mass movement of ordinary people from all walks of life can hope to end LGBTI oppression and big business exploitation.

By Jorden Griggs