Socialism 2006 – SP Summer school in Melbourne

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The Socialist Party’s Socialism 2006 Summer School will be held on Saturday & Sunday, 4/5th February, Trades Hall Bar, cnr Lygon and Victoria Sts, Carlton South, Melbourne. The costs are $10/$5 concession for all sessions, or $2 for a single session, Child care will be available all weekend.

For more information phone (03) 96399111

See below for agenda and biographies of speakers

Saturday February 4th

10.00am – 11.20am

Changing the World: The relevance of Marxism in the 21st Century.

Andy Blunden, Marxist academic and founder of the famous Hegel Website

11.20am ? 11.40am


11.40am ? 1.00pm

Is Australia heading towards fascism? How can we defeat the Howard government and its attacks on workers, students and democratic rights?

Stephen Jolly, SP member and Australia?s only socialist councillor

1.00pm ? 1.30pm


1.30pm ? 3.30pm

The Great Debate – Who could best represent working class people?

ALP vs Greens vs Socialist Alliance vs A New Workers? Party
Leading representatives from ALP (Nathan Murphy), Greens (Ken McAlpine), Socialist Alliance, plus an advocate for a new workers? party (Anthony Main, SP) get equal time to debate the issues, followed by questions and discussion. Not to be missed!

3.30pm ? 3.50pm


3.50pm ? 5.00pm

Your legal rights as a young person / activist / unionist / in Howard?s new world

Rob Starey, Australia?s most prominent anti establishment lawyer

5.00pm till late

Social in Trades Hall Bar includes food, live music, drinks at bar prices

Sunday February 5th

10.00am – 11.20am

Hong Kong anti WTO protests eyewitness report

Greg Bradshaw, SP member and participant in the demonstrations and discussions in Hong Kong

11.20am ? 11.40am


11.40am ? 1.00pm

The class struggle in Malaysia. Report from leader of the PSM (Socialist Party Malaysia)

1.00pm ? 1.30pm


1.30pm ? 3.00pm

The struggles of the Aboriginal community in Australia. What they are and what you can do to help.

Gary Foley (Black GST) and Denise Lovett (Parkies Inc)

3.00pm ? 3.20pm


3.20pm ? 4.30pm

Picket Line training for militants. What you should know about industrial action

A multi media presentation by Dave Kerin Co-ordinator of Union Solidarity


Andy Blunden: Founder of Hegel website; ex-NTEU activist Melbourne Uni and SPSF organiser; author of several books on Marxism

Greg Bradshaw: Monash Uni student, SP National Committee member, recently returned from Hong Kong WTO protests

Gary Foley: Victoria?s most prominent Aboriginal Activist; runs Black GST web site; led Northland Secondary College battle in 1990s; actor; co-founder of Aboriginal Legal Service and Aboriginal Medical Service; key figure in anti-Springbok tour, Tent Embassy and many other struggles

Denise Lovett: Parkies Inc, the aboriginal orgaisation representing Aboriginal people in Yarra

Stephen Jolly: Socialist Party Councillor Langridge Ward, Yarra; CFMEU delegate; was co-ordinator of Richmond Secondary College occupation; co-founded Community Campaign for Heroin Reform, Unite, and many other campaigns; active in Tiananmen Square uprising; worked for SP/CWI in Zimbabwe, Ireland, UK and Asia.

Dave Kerin: Victoria?s most respected union activist; co-founder and co-ordinator of Earthworker and Union Solidarity; ex-BLF official active in the anti-deregistration battle in the 1980s

Denise Lovett: A leader of Aboriginal people in Melbourne?s inner northern suburbs; spokesperson for Parkies Inc the organisation representing Aboriginal people on Smith St, Collingwood

Anthony Main: SP National Organiser; ex-AMWU delegate; co-presenter of radio station 3CR?s On the Picket Line show (Sundays 10am, 855am)

Nathan Murphy: Works for ALP State office in Melbourne; soon to be preselected for ALP seat

Rob Stary: Australia?s most famous and influential solicitor who has represented dozens of trade unionists (eg Craig Johnston), activists (eg S11 protestors), and most recently the nine men arrested on alleged terrorist offences in Melbourne. Runs thriving legal business in Footscray employing many local people