The Socialist Party is the Australian section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). The CWI is a socialist organisation with groups in over 45 countries across the world. We have been active in Australia since 1985.

The Socialist Party has a proven track record of campaigning and fighting for the rights of working class people. Over the years we have led and supported countless struggles. We have consistently campaigned against imperialist wars, racism, sexism and homophobia. We are active in environmental and community groups.

Our members are organising in the trade union and student movements to build an alternative. The current union leaders have for years facilitated deals with governments and employers that have resulted in a huge shift in wealth away from the working class and into the pockets of big business and the super-rich.

We believe there is a need for workers to reclaim their unions and transform them into democratic fighting organisations that put the interests of working class people first.

All the major political parties, including Labor and the Greens, support the capitalist market system. The Socialist Party believes that the working class needs a new political party capable of providing a real alternative to the establishment. We support the building of a new mass working class party which is committed to struggling for socialism.

The Socialist Party believes that the economic, social and environmental problems of society are caused by capitalism. On an international basis it is possible to provide every human with a decent standard of living that affords them a good education, quality health care, a home, a healthy diet and a safe and clean environment.

Yet we live in a world in which 43% of the global workforce lives in absolute poverty, earning less than $2 dollars a day. A world where hundreds of millions of people are forced to flee their homes due to wars and conflict. A world where 5.3 billion people have no social security coverage yet $1.5 trillion is spent per year on armaments!

This poverty and inequality is caused by the current system which puts profit before the needs of people and the environment. In a socialist society, production would be democratically planned to meet the needs of the majority, and on a global scale socialism would be capable of eradicating poverty, ending the causes of war and conflict and collectively using the resources of humanity to combat climate change.

We believe it is necessary to build an international socialist organisation committed to the overthrow of capitalism and the building of a socialist world, where the needs of people and the planet are put before the needs of big business.

If you agree, you should consider joining us.