In addition to our website the Socialist Party has a long list of pamphlets and books available for sale as well as our monthly magazine ‘The Socialist’.

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See the list below for just some of the titles that we have available from our National Office. More titles are available upon request.

Socialism and the Environment – $3
What We Stand For – $3
What is Socialism – $2
The Case For A New Workers’ Party – $3
How To Win Strikes – $1
Anarchism or Marxism? – $3
Marxist Glossary – $2
About the Socialist Party – $1
Make Capitalism History – $2
Refugees, Racism and Capitalism in Australia $3
Eyewitness in China – $3
Russia 1917 – $3
Venezuela, Chavez and socialism – $3
What is Marxism? – $3
Tales of the BLF… Rolling the Right – $3
The Transitional Program – $3

Please add another $3 extra for postage and handling within Australia. For more information contact our National Office on 0396399111.

For more titles visit our London based online bookshop here