Why I joined the Socialist Party

Why I joined the Socialist Party

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Two new members explain why they joined SP

The reason I joined the Socialist Party is simple: I am absolutely fed up with the increasing divide between rich and poor and the cycle of oppression that comes with it. More importantly I want to be a part of an organisation that is actively doing something about it.

I have been a socialist for a number of years and have been active around feminism, education, trade unions and community law. Whilst having been a member of a different socialist organisation in the past, I felt that the feminist side of my politics was not taken seriously and therefore I became disillusioned with party politics.

One of the reasons that the Socialist Party is so appealing is that they take a ‘bigger picture’ approach to socialism and connect the dots to what is the oppression of capitalism’s reality. This includes an attitude to feminism that is more than mere tokenistic and views its aims as integral to the socialist movement.

I want to help create a world that treats people with dignity and respect and doesn’t discriminate access to basic human rights such as decent education and health care on the basis of class and wealth. I don’t espouse to know all of the answers but I do know that the road to such things is not through the neo-liberalist agenda of the ALP or the wishy-washy politics of the Greens.

Instead of being an armchair socialist and spouting my views to all and sundry I decided to make my actions speak louder than words by becoming a member. The Socialist Party embraces political education and debate whilst encouraging individual growth through learning. I am excited about my future with a socialist organisation that takes its international role seriously.

By Simone Howard

I joined the Socialist Party because I am sick of working for a meagre wage with ever increasing demands on my time and productivity. I am a socialist because the unequal distribution of wealth in society makes me angry.

I feel disgusted that the hard won gains of the feminist movement have been eroded away – that women now earn only 66% of the average male wage. It is offensive that women are still largely responsible for most unpaid labour including domestic work, childrearing and caring for the sick and elderly.

At the same time capitalism facilitates male violence both at home and on the street. Many women, including single mothers, are forced to live below the poverty line despite the fact that there is more than enough wealth to provide for us all.

I find it reprehensible that the oldest living culture on this planet, our first nations and the traditional owners of this land also still live in comparative poverty, face significant challenges with regard to health outcomes and have received no reparation.

The lack of political will from any major party to make the significant changes required to attend to climate change before it is too late is pathetic. Short term profit for a few at the expense of such important assets as the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage forests, is a crime against all people.

I joined the Socialist Party because of the right-wing drift of all the major parties, including the Greens, and because I have always believed that the capitalist system is not sustainable or even sensible.

For all these reasons and more, I joined the Socialist Party in order to make a difference. I think it is important to have a global outlook, a valid philosophical framework and to actively campaign against injustice. If you also want to fight for lasting social change unite with us in the fight!

By Bridgid O’Brien