Why I joined the Socialist Party

Why I joined the Socialist Party

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By Kat Galea, Socialist Party Melbourne

I only had to attend the Socialist Party’s 2012 National Conference to decide that I wanted to join. After the formal speakers, we continued with informal discussions on what socialism meant in practice and how the Socialist Party was trying to actively change society.

Even though I had considered myself somewhat of a socialist “sympathiser” for a few years and agreed with socialist ideas, I never truly understood how it was relevant today. The Socialist Party helped me to understand through their website and through discussion in person that most problems in society come from the profit-first system.

I did a lot of reading online before attending the conference and found that Socialist Party policies just made sense. The Socialist Party acknowledge that capitalism is a global system and therefore the only way to truly change it is by being a part of an international movement. They have connected the dots that link the world’s problems, and as well as fighting to bring about socialism, fight for better conditions for people in the here and now. There is no other organisation that is so active and effective in bringing about reforms while linking it to the fight for a new way of running society.

The new Fightback! Campaign, set up by the Socialist Party, was what really won me over. The Socialist Party had decided that something needed to be done about the rising cost of living and as such were starting this campaign to bring attention to issues such as the state of our public transport system, housing stress, casual work and unafforadable education.

I see no point in being an armchair philosopher any longer, lamenting about how terrible society is and how great it would be if it were changed. I feel compelled to be part of an organisation that is actually fighting to bring about real change. While we may only achieve small victories for now, I am confident that we will be able to implement a socialist society in the near future.