Vote 1 Stephen Jolly for Richmond

Vote 1 Stephen Jolly for Richmond

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SP Newsletter No.338

This Saturday November 27, Victoria goes to the polls. In the seat of Richmond, the Socialist Party is standing Yarra City Councillor, Stephen Jolly.

In this election voters have a clear choice. If they’re happy with gridlocked roads, underfunded public transport, planning laws that favour developers and inaction on climate change, then a vote for Labor will ensure four more years of the status quo.

In order to punish Labor, some people are considering voting Green. While on paper the Greens claim to stand for progressive change, they have stated that they are open to entering a coalition with the Liberals if there was a hung parliament. The last Liberal Government in Victoria sacked thousands of public servants, closed hundreds of schools and privatised public transport. Disappointingly a vote for the Greens could result in the return of a right wing Liberal government.

The only genuine progressive alternative to Labor is the Socialist Party. Stephen Jolly has stated clearly that he would refuse to go into a coalition with either of the major parties if he held the balance of power. “The two major parties both represent the interests of big business. They are almost indistinguishable. If it came down to it they should form a grand coalition amongst themselves” Stephen has said.

The claims of Labor Party candidate Richard Wynne need to be analysed properly. For example he has said: “Labor saved Fitzroy High School, the House of the Gentle Bunyip and the Abbotsford Convent”

In reality, all three places were saved by community action. The government was simply forced to come in at the end and formalise these community victories. Yes, Fitzroy High School was reopened, but more than 300 Victorian schools closed by Liberals remain closed under Labor!

Richard Wynne says: “Labor is acting on climate change”

Labor oversees the operation of Hazelwood, one of the dirtiest coal-fired power stations in the world. They have not ruled out opening another coal fired power station and have refused to seriously invest in renewables. Their emission reduction target of 20% is only a fraction of what scientists say we need to stop climate change.

Wynne says: “We are acting on transport”

After 11 years of Labor, public transport is in a mess. The private operators are paid millions in corporate subsides to provide late and over crowded trains and trams. We still don’t have a railway line down the Eastern Freeway or a train to the airport. The city loop is tiny by world standards and the only real transport expansion has been in freeways and toll roads.

The Greens arrogantly claim this area as their own, yet they are only ever seen around election time. In between elections it has been the Socialist Party that has fought for the environment. We pushed through a zero emissions policy on Yarra Council, targets for the Energy Foundation, led the fight to stop Council banning planter boxes and community gardens and got Council support for the Yarra Climate Action Network.

The Greens only want a 40% cut in emissions by 2020 while the Socialist Party supports zero emissions electricity by 2020. On Council the Greens have been a big disappointment and have voted with Labor every year to deliver budgets that have hiked up rates and charges.

If you want more of the same after November 27 you should vote for Labor. If you want an ineffective MP whop is all talk and no action vote for the Greens. If you want a campaigning MP, with a proven track record, we urge you to vote 1 for Stephen Jolly – the best fighter money can’t buy!

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Also come to the SP election night party. This Saturday at the Trades Hall Bar in Carlton South from 6pm onwards. All welcome!

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