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  • Paris Climate Summit: Another conference that promises nothing

    Paris Climate Summit: Another conference that promises nothing

    Representatives of world governments will meet on November 30th for a UN Climate Summit in Paris. These summits have never produced adequate action before and there is no reason to expect this one will be any different. The climate is changing because the burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases […]

  • Australian Prime Minister designate Malcolm Turnbull with Deputy Prime Minister designate Julie Bishop during a press conference in the Blue Room, after winning the Australian Federal leadership in a party ballot vote, at Parliament House in Canberra, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AAP Image/Sam Mooy) NO ARCHIVING

    Editorial: Labor’s weakness is Turnbull’s main strength

    Malcolm Turnbull has so far delivered what he promised his backers in the Liberal Party: an improvement to the government’s standing in opinion polls. A Liberal Party victory at the next election was unthinkable just a few months ago under Abbott. Now, it’s looking more likely by the day. Some […]

  • France: Horror in Paris

    France: Horror in Paris

    Statement from Gauche Révolutionnaire, the Socialist Party’s sister organisation in France Sickening violence has struck Paris once more. Over 120 dead and dozens of injured in places where workers and young people gather at the end of the week (Stade de France, Bataclan music venue, various bars in the 10th […]

  • The Whitlam sacking 40 years on

    The Whitlam sacking 40 years on

    40 years ago on November 11, 1975 Gough Whitlam’s Labor government was dismissed from office by the Queen’s representative the Governor General. At a stroke, the carefully nurtured image of the Crown’s ‘impartiality’ was blown away and the naked class bias of the parliamentary system was exposed. By Socialist Party […]

  • 10 Marxist classics every socialist should (eventually) read

    10 Marxist classics every socialist should (eventually) read

    There are no short cuts to understanding Marxism in all its complexity. To apply Marxism to current day struggles and processes we must read the classics and study historical events. The following are ten classic Marxist texts that every socialist should aim to read to develop their understanding of Marxist […]